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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with thyroid disease? While some thyroid diseases can be small and do not require serious attention, some can be life-threatening if left untreated. The Thyroid Institute of Utah is here to help. Unlike any other thyroid disease clinic, The Thyroid Institute of Utah offers comprehensive care, which includes lab work, ultrasounds and an experienced team of thyroid surgeons all in one location.

Our team of doctors has performed more than 2,000 surgeries and 5,000 thyroid biopsies combined, and our Parathyroid Localization Rate with Ultrasound is 72%! When you turn to The Thyroid Institute of Utah for thyroid disorder treatment in Provo, you can be sure that you are in the best of hands.

Conditions We Treat

Our Doctors Have Experience Treating a Variety of Conditions

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Turn to The Thyroid Institute of Utah for Cutting-Edge Thyroid Disorder Treatment

Our doctors stand at the forefront in thyroid and parathyroid diagnosis and treatment. They are familiar with all thyroid and parathyroid conditions and understand what it takes to help patients feel better. If you were recently diagnosed with thyroid disease, you are probably confused and worried as to what treatment is the right one for you.

Our team of caring thyroid specialists will work closely together to offer you the timely diagnosis and treatment that you need in a friendly environment.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience so our experienced thyroid specialists can help you with our expertise and resources.

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Read How We've Helped Patients Just Like You Overcome Thyroid Disorders
Our experienced endocrinologists provide comprehensive thyroid care. Read testimonials from former patients to hear firsthand accounts of what it's like to receive treatment at The Thyroid Institute of Utah.
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  • “Absolutely amazing. I'm so impressed!”

    Jennifer Smith

  • “I have nothing but good things to say”

    Former Patient

  • “Thank you for taking such good care of me.”


  • “I've already recommended it to numerous people.”

    Former Patient

  • “I am grateful I found the Thyroid Institute!”

    Former Patient

  • “He took the time to explain my condition in a way I could understand.”

    Mary Lou

  • “It is so nice to be working with someone that knows his ...”


  • “Dr. Riddle truly cares about his patients. With him I found hope that I would overcome my illness.”


  • “I can whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Aljammal”


  • “Nobody else seemed as educated about possible treatments for my thyroid nodule.”

    Former Patient

  • “Dr. Aljammal is a superhero”

    Former Client

  • “Very professional”

    Former Patient

  • “ I have to say that I'm impressed with his constant effort to stay current on the most modern and effective treatments.”

    Previous Patient

  • “Throughout the process they treated me like family, and I felt that my health was in the best hands possible.”


  • “Dr. Beus showed great concern by checking up on me.”


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Why Get Thyroid Surgery at The Thyroid Institute

Comprehensive Thyroid Care in Provo, Lehi, and Draper, Utah

The skilled surgeons at The Thyroid Institute of Utah EACH perform well over 40-50 thyroidectomies every year, making us a high volume center. Our complication rates are low and rival those of other major thyroid centers in the country.

Temporary recurrent laryngeal nerve injury rates are 5% and permanent recurrent laryngeal nerve injury rates are 0% in the last 3 years! Post-operative hematoma rates are 0.6%. Permanent hypocalcemia rates are 3%. Click here to read the full article on Thyroidectomy Complication Rates.

When it comes to thyroid disease, time is often of the essence. You want a qualified and experienced physician on your side who can expertly diagnose and treat your thyroid condition. But why turn to only one physician when you can turn to a whole team of experienced thyroid specialists? The Thyroid Institute of Utah offers one-of-a-kind, comprehensive care for all of your thyroid-related conditions.

Combining all aspects of thyroid care, including biopsies and hormone-level evaluation, our team of dedicated and caring thyroid specialists can diagnose and treat hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, nodules and masses, thyroid cancer and parathyroid disorders. Contact us today to get started with the care you need.

Reasons to Consider Thyroid Surgery

The Thyroid Institute of Utah has the technology, resources and experience to best treat you.

The Skilled & Compassionate Care You Need

Why The Thyroid Institute of Utah is the Clear Choice for Your Treatment
  • A team of experienced endocrinologists

  • ECNU-certified physicians on staff

  • 5,000+ biopsies and successful surgeries

  • Specialize in minimally invasive surgery