Detailed Evaluation

Our doctors stand at the forefront in thyroid and parathyroid diagnosis and treatment. They are familiar with all thyroid and parathyroid conditions and understand what it takes to help patients feel better.

If you think you suffer from an unhealthy thyroid gland or parathyroid problem, contact the Thyroid Institute of Utah and schedule a consultation with one of our physicians. A comprehensive consultation commonly includes the following:

1. Health History and Physical Examination
After taking your vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, etc.), our doctors will review your health history including medications, allergies, previous surgeries, and family history. You will also have a chance to explain your symptoms to the doctor. A physical examination of your head, neck, throat, and thyroid gland will then be performed to initially assess your condition.

2. Lab Tests
Blood tests may be ordered to test for proper thyroid hormone levels. These lab tests help the doctors determine if your thyroid and parathyroid are functioning correctly.

3. Thyroid Ultrasound
An ultrasound may be used to get a clear picture of any nodules on the thyroid gland. This painless procedure uses sound waves to generate a graphic view of the thyroid gland. An ultrasound helps track benign nodule growth and also helps identify nodules for other procedures like fine-needle biopsy.

4. Fine Needle Biopsy
Should our doctors find nodules within your thyroid gland, it may be necessary to perform a biopsy using a very thin (fine) needle. This is a simple procedure that allows doctors to obtain a sample from your thyroid gland for microscopic examination.

Following this evaluation model, we are able to timely diagnosis your condition and then immediately offer treatment options.

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