Get to the Root of Your Thyroid Problem with a Biopsy

After reading about some of the most common symptoms of thyroid disease, if you suspect that you have an undiagnosed thyroid condition such as a nodule or mass, we recommend that you take action as soon as possible. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated specialists at the Thyroid Institute of Utah can help you find answers by performing a biopsy. Our team has conducted more than 5,000 biopsies combined. With the help and medical expertise of our team, you can determine the health of your thyroid through a biopsy.

What is a thyroid biopsy?

A biopsy is a procedure performed by taking a small tissue sample from the thyroid gland and examining it under a microscope for any signs of infection, cancer, or indication of other thyroid problems. A biopsy is often performed to find the cause of goiter or nodules and masses in the thyroid gland.

Biopsies can be performed with a fine-needle, which is placed into the thyroid gland through the skin or can be done as open biopsies, which is when a doctor makes an incision to examine the thyroid gland.

How the Thyroid Institute of Utah can Help

If you are concerned about the health of your thyroid, especially if you have developed a nodule or mass, do not hesitate to contact the Thyroid Institute of Utah and schedule an appointment with a specialist.

We pride ourselves on our team effort and comprehensive approach to providing top-notch thyroid disease care in Provo, Utah County and Salt Lake County. Specializing in minimally invasive procedures and offering all aspects of thyroid care such as biopsies, surgery, hormone-level evaluation, and ultrasounds, you can rest assured that your biopsy and subsequent diagnosis will be carried out by expert professionals.

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about thyroid biopsies and how Thyroid Institute of Utah can help. We also serve Utah County and Salt Lake County.