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How One Patient Avoided Unnecessary Thyroid Surgery

A very pleasant 39-year old school teacher was told after a biopsy performed at a southern Utah hospital that she needed thyroid surgery.  She scheduled the surgery within 2 weeks and thought to get a second opinion from the Thyroid Institute before proceeding.  The reason she was told to get surgery was due to an “indeterminate” result on the thyroid biopsy pathology report.  She had a thyroid nodule/mass which was about 1.5 cm (fairly small).  The recommendation for surgery was logical — “indeterminate” results turn out to be cancerous in up to 20% of patients!  So…was there anything different that the Thyroid Institute could offer to our concerned patient?  Absolutely!  A repeat biopsy (see results report below) again showed indeterminate results; however, then the advent of modern science took over.  A genetic testing of her thyroid cells was performed and this new test, called AFIRMA GENE MULTIPLIER, showed that this nodule was likely benign.  We shared the good news with our young patient, and she avoided a thyroid surgery.
Shahzad Ahmad, MD, FACE