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  • Meet Dr. Segkos!
    Meet Dr. Segkos!

    Questions and Answers with Konstantinos Segkos, MD Dr. Segkos joined the Thyroid Institue to Utah in the Summer of 2017. Get to know our new Endocrinologist and hear how he may be able to assist you ...

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  • Obesity As A Disease
    Obesity As A Disease

    OBESITY AS A DISEASE When the American Medical Association (AMA) recently named obesity a disease, it was a sign of growing concern about weight problems. More than one third of adults and almost one ...

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  • New Original Thyroid Research
    New Original Thyroid Research

    Dr. Shahzad Ahmad’s thyroid research was recently accepted for future publication with the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology. Dr. Ahmad concluded that ultrasound elastrography is a ...

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  • Do I Have Slow Metabolism?
    Do I Have Slow Metabolism?

    How fast is my metabolism? And, is that why I can’t lose weight? Indirect calorimetry is the gold standard technique for determining resting energy requirements. If we know how many calories we burn ...

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  • Oprah Is Not Your Doctor
    Oprah Is Not Your Doctor

    While many postmenopausal women are turning to “natural” or “bioidentical” hormone therapy because of safety concerns about conventional hormone preparations, there is no evidence that these products ...

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  • “Natural Cures for Thyroid Disease” – What Works and What Hurts
    “Natural Cures for Thyroid Disease” – What Works and What Hurts

    What Works - (Selenium) Selenium is a trace element found in nature and in small quantities in our diet. It exerts a fine-tuned control on thyroid hormones, metabolism, and synthesis. Research shows ...

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