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Frequently Asked Questions for The Thyroid Institute of Utah

The following are commonly asked questions regarding thyroid disease and what to expect when you visit The Thyroid Institute of Utah. Visit the other pages of our site to find helpful information about the symptoms and treatments for various thyroid and parathyroid conditions, as well as osteoporosis.

If you have further questions about a diagnosis or are interested in a biopsy or treatment, contact us to make an appointment with our experienced and compassionate endocrinologists.

  • Do doctors at The Thyroid Institute of Utah prescribe Armour Thyroid?
    Because of the drawbacks of Armour Thyroid (not FDA-approved, fluctuations in T3 and T4, variability in its production, unnatural relationship to the human body) our doctors do not prescribe Armour Thyroid. Generally, our doctors prescribe synthetic thyroid hormone (levothyroxine) and, in some cases, add liothyronine.
  • Am I at risk for thyroid disease?
    Women with a family history of thyroid issues are at the greatest risk (though it's important to remember that thyroid dysfunction can affect men and children of any age). Often women who suffer from hypothyroidism are either pregnant, a new mother, or of a menopausal age. Hyperthyroidism generally affects young women.
  • Can pregnancy cause thyroid dysfunction?
    Pregnancy increases the risk for developing hypothyroidism. Although hypothyroidism may make your pregnancy slightly more complicated, your pregnancy could be as uneventful as that of a woman with a normal functioning thyroid. If untreated, or inadequately treated, hypothyroidism has been associated with pre-eclampsia, placental abnormalities, low birth weight infants, and postpartum bleeding. Click here to learn more about Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy.
  • What is unique about The Thyroid Institute of Utah?
    From initial evaluation and blood tests to ultrasounds and post-operative care, the Thyroid Institute of Utah integrates all diagnosis and treatment at one location. This concept of highly-coordinated care allows for quicker results and diagnosis in fewer visits. If surgery is needed, our experienced surgeons use the latest technology in performing minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • What should I expect during my first visit at The Thyroid Institute of Utah?
    Expect to be well taken care of! A knowledgeable, comprehensive team of thyroid specialists, including endocrinologists and surgeons, stands ready to provide dedicated thyroid care in a friendly and reassuring environment. These highly skilled doctors work closely together to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.

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