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Thyroid Disorder Treatment Options in Utah

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At The Thyroid Institute of Utah, we offer a full range of treatment options for any kind of thyroid or parathyroid dysfunction. We are a comprehensive thyroid disease management clinic fully equipped with a lab, ultrasound, endocrinologists, and experienced thyroid surgeons.

Our office combines all aspects of thyroid care, including:

  • Biopsy
  • Surgery
  • Hormone Level Evaluation
  • Ultrasounds

Combined, our doctors have performed more than 2,000 surgeries and 5,000 biopsies. At The Thyroid Institute of Utah, we deliver cutting edge care, all coordinated among different specialty physicians in one, convenient location. Call us today to schedule
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Hormone Medication Treatments

The main goal of thyroid hormone treatment is to closely replicate your normal thyroid function. Thyroid hormones are necessary for the proper functioning of most cells in the body. Our dedicated doctors closely monitor your thyroid function to ensure you have the correct dose for your body.

Patients commonly ask about Armour Thyroid, which is derived from pigs’ thyroid glands. Armour causes significant fluctuations in T3 and T4 levels. The dosage variation in different batches of Armour is well known. The aspect of animal proteins present in Armour that are not naturally found in the human body is also a problem.

The majority of trials have not shown an advantage of Armour over synthetic thyroid hormone. It is also worth considering that pigs have a shorter life span and their metabolic requirements are quite different than human beings; hence, pigs’ thyroid hormone is also very different. Because Armour has drawbacks, including not being FDA-approved, and our doctors’ combined experience has never seen a consistent benefit of Armour over synthetic thyroid hormone, we do not prescribe Armour at The Thyroid Institute.

Armour Thyroid

The American Thyroid Association communicating the following regarding Armour Thyroid:

The most common form of thyroid therapy used to be desiccated animal thyroid in a dried or powdered form, commonly called “armour.” Today, the armour usually comes from pigs. However, since the discovery of the individual active thyroid hormones, these treatments have become the top choice.

Animals do not have the same balance of T4 and T3 as humans do, making the armour method not as effective or “natural” for humans as it could be. Additionally, each desiccated thyroid might have different levels of T4 and T3, making it difficult to keep blood levels right and maintain consistency. A final weakness of the desiccated thyroid method is that they use chemical “binders” to hold the pill together, which also contributes to them being less “natural.” It is rare today to be prescribed a desiccated animal thyroid, as evidence suggests that the synthetic T4 has all the advantages.

Surgery as a Treatment Option

Surgery is a common treatment option for anyone with cancerous thyroid growth. Our surgeons discuss the type of surgery with you, how much of your thyroid gland should be removed, and what you can expect after surgery. At The Thyroid Institute of Utah, we use the latest technology that allows us to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Cysts

Cysts in the thyroid are basically fluid filled cavities which if large enough cause feelings of pressure in the neck and sometimes an unsightly bulge. Simply draining the fluid out of thyroid cysts with a needle is not a permanent solution, as thyroid cysts usually re-appear. Ultrasound-guided injection of ethanol (alcohol) is safe and effective for the treatment of thyroid cystic nodules.

In the following before-and-after example, a patient elected ethanol injections and later demonstrated dramatic results. Following his enthanol treatment to reduce the fluid in his thyroid, the mass in his neck shrunk significantly. The visible bump it produced disappeared and the patient could also swallow without any unpleasant pressure sensation.



Radioactive Iodine Treatment

Radioactive iodine is used to destroy overactive thyroid cancer cells. Once inside your thyroid gland, the radioactive iodine destroys the unwanted thyroid cells.

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